Amanjeda Casa offers custom made solutions for your home. 

Our design relies on impeccable functionality and special design. We use materials of the highest quality to provide durability and ease of use for your kitchen. During the process of design, we go by our clients wishes and create a unique kitchen tailor made for them.

Initial offer

We start with visualization
First, we visualize the idea together with you or your chosen interior architect. We will find out exactly how you imagine your home - what are the desired tones, materials, solutions and techniques. Knowing your tastes, beliefs and expectations, we can improve your idea. After the meeting, we will sketch a sketch from which you will see your idea really come to life for the first time. 

Indicative offer
Considering your preferences and expectations, we can estimate the cost of their implementation. That is why our indicative bid does not differ from the final bid by more than 5%.

Excellence of appliances

Amanjeda Casa offers the best kitchen appliances being an importer and representative of Foster S.P.A. To choose Foster means to confide in a professional partner with long-lasting collaborations with the most prestigious kitchen brands in the world. These partnerships lead to the conception and construction of products also with the collaboration of world-class chefs and designers who recognize in Foster the leading specialist for their exclusive projects in stainless steel.

Let's finish the initial task

We will visit your home and find out all the necessary dimensions. Together we will look at the concept solution in its future environment and go through all the details in terms of both functionality and prominence. Of course, we make corrections if necessary. Once the details have been specified, we will prepare a final offer.

We produce and keep you informed

We know exactly how long it will take to complete your furniture and we will agree on the date of completion. To relieve anxiety, we will keep you informed of the exact stage of completion of your furniture. You can always contact your client manager with any questions.

We deliver, install and inspect

We will transport the finished kitchen to your home as soon as possible. In order to save your time, we will arrange for the installation to be immediately after transport. Quality control of the installed kitchen is performed by your personal client manager. Each Amanjeda Casa kitchen is the result of careful design in line with customers dreams about the heart of a home. Tailor-made solutions have always been a distinctive feature of Amanjeda Casa. 

We also take care after installation
We give a 5-year warranty on all furniture manufactured and installed by Amanjeda Casa and a 25-year warranty on fittings, we make sure that the heart of your home lasts.